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Gemstone - Dzi Stone for Children

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Children have a natural affinity to stones and crystals and will often use all their senses to explore a new crystal or stone.  More often than not, they are able to choose the "right" one and know how to use it.
Gemstone and Crystal therapy is an alternative technique for strengthening the body and resolving issues and patterns. Gemstones carry vibrational rates.

The following is a short list of some of the best healing crystals and stones to help children.  They can carry them in a pocket, in a pouch around the neck, or even sleep with them.  Crystals often get lost of misplaced by children, so it might be a good idea to have a few extras on hand.
It is very helpful to dedicate and program the stones and crystals you will be using to heal your child.
Children can respond very quickly to the healing energy of crystals and stones.  However, please remember to consult the best available qualified medical help on the care of your children  

1 Eyed Dzi, especially great for kids, youths or those who are in school, It also promises luck in advancement and success.



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Gemstone - Dzi Stone for Children



Various Dzi Stone with Lapiz Lazuli Stone Beads Bracelet

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Variouc Dzi Stone with other Stone Beads Bracelet

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One Eye  Dzi Stone - to increase brightness, intelligence and enhancement in specific talents, especially great for kids, youths or those who are in school. It also promises luck in advancement and success, which means those who are seeking for victory in their endeavours will have their dreams come true. The 1-Eye dzi is also excellent to clarify thoughts and create calmness.

Amethyst is a master healing crystal.  Its most noted healing quality is its ability to purify and transmute all forms of negativity.  For children in transition, whether it be a growth spurt, a major disappointment such as failing a grade, or even hearing the devastating news of a divorce or death, Amethyst will help them accept all negative emotions and provides support and comfort through spiritual acceptance.

For children with various disabilities or with either emotional or physical pain, an Amethyst cluster in their room will help clear unwanted energies, bringing the room into a balanced state.  For local pain, hold the Amethyst directly on or over the area for up to twenty minutes.

Amethyst also helps with nightmares or insomnia - Place a piece of Amethyst on the child's nightstand or under a pillow.

Another way to help your child sleep is to "grid" your child's bedroom - Put a piece of Rose Quartz in each corner of the bedroom and a piece of Hematite under their bed.

Aventurine is a leadership stone.  It strengthens and restores the Heart energy, providing a balance of male and female energies.  Aventurine is green and very loving, embracing and protective of the heart.

It is an excellent stone for children who are shy and/or timid, and suppressing their leadership qualities.  This stone helps them to become active and to initiate action on their own accord.

Asthmatic children seem attracted to Aventurine as it opens up the lungs, giving them some relief.

A self-esteem crystal, Carnelian can be used to help with feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem.  The deep orange colours of Carnelian relate well to strengthening and blending the first, second and third Chakras, promoting self-security and self-love.  The pinker shades of Carnelian relate to enhancing love between child and parent through self-acceptance.

Carnelian can also be used for dermatological ailments such as acne by holding the stone over the skin and moving it in circles for several minutes, several times a day.

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz is known as the "Healing Crystal" and the energy is ach Quartz crystal is unique and, when a child makes contact with the right one, the natural energy of Quartz can be just enough to transform a disharmonious thought pattern, burn off some negative emotional state, or even place the spiritual seeds of one's future into consciousness.  Quartz crystal clusters are also helpful to organize scattered thoughts and to deflect negative energies.

Rose Quartz
The "Love Stone", Rose Quartz is another terrific healing crystal for children, especially those who have a lot of hurt feelings or aggressive tendencies.  Rose Quartz can sooth a broken heart shattered by seeing raw reality - the way things are, rather than the way one wants them to be.  For hyperactive children, Rose Quartz soothes erratic emotional states, anxiety, fear, compulsions, and many other mental disorders.

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli is a wonderful stabilizer for children who show psychic gifts early in life.  The deep blue colour stimulates expansion of consciousness in a very supportive way, promoting purification and clarify of spiritual insight.  Lapis Lazuli instills self-acceptance of one's given gifts and encourages openness of one's spiritual awareness.  This stone is highly prized for its protective powers and stimulation of all psychic senses.

Jade is a soother of emotions.  Emotionally sensitive children often need a supportive system to ensure that their feelings do not overwhelm them.  Jade enhances confidence, self-assurance and self-reliance.  Jade is also very inspirational in helping children achieve their desires in life.

Tiger's Eye
A grounding stone, Tiger's Eye is excellent for grounding psychic energy and providing security for opening up the psychic centers.  Sometimes children get carried away and get lost in their dream world.  Tiger's Eye helps to pull them back.  This stone is also very useful to help put thoughts into action.  Tiger's Eye is about being practical.

Pyrite is an extremely protective stone.  Children are attracted to its shiny surface.  Pyrite is like a small mirror, reflecting negative energy away, thereby reducing any fears of being unprotected.  Pyrite also instills a feeling of physical empowerment and knowledge that life in the physical form is perfect, and love is abundant.

Moldavite is a useful stone for sensitive children who find it difficult being in incarnation on the earth and who cannot adjust to suffering and deep emotions.  Many such children are "star children" who have come to aid the earth in its time of transition to a new vibration.  They are not used to the heavy energies of earth and find it difficult to integrate their spiritual bodies into the physical, and need to ground.  Moldavite, used in conjunction with grounding stones such as Hematite and Smokey Quartz, aids this process.  Placed on the heart, Moldavite eases "homesickness" for those whose origin is not earth.  Moldavite supports qualities such as empathy and compassion.
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Sugilite is a wonderful stone to help teach children to keep the innocence and openness of childhood as they grow into adulthood; or to teach teens and adults to recover the openness and trust they have lost behind the psychological barriers they have erected.  A parent could place a smooth piece of Sugilite under their sleeping child's pillow, or give him a piece to carry with him, or to wear as a pin or pendant.

Sometimes a very sensitive person who is naturally loving and giving simply cannot understand why the world is so full of negativity. A sense of hopelessness can lead to depression or even life-threatening illnesses; or in extreme cases a sense of desperation could lead to suicidal tendencies in one who would rather leave, than live in a world he cannot cope with. Sugilite can be one of the best stones to help such sensitive people cope with life.

Here are a few other excellent stones for children:

Charoite - insomnia.

Chrysoprase - nightmares.

Sunstone - possessiveness.

Rhodocrosite – helpful for Asthma

Citrine – self-esteem and self-confidence issues

Moonstone – emotional overwhelm and hyperactivity (rub over forehead and temples)

Rhodonite – patience (child should rub in his or her hand when feeling impatient)

Turquoise – helpful if your child has difficulty asking others for help

Blue Lace Agate – helpful for peaceful communication

Amazonite – promotes the courage to speak the truth

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