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Prayer Beads and Bracelet from Phosphoric / Phosphorous Stone

Prayer Beads and Bracelet from Phosphoric / Phosphorous Stone

Available in :
- Misbaha, Masbaha, Masbahah, Tespih, Tesbih, Tasbeeh, Tasbih,  Sibha Prayer Beads, Subha Prayer Beads, Subhah Prayer Beads.
- Japa Malas, Jaap Mala, Japamala Mala,
Nianzhu, Nenju, Tranghat, Juzu, Juzu prostration rosaries, Hindu Prayer Beads. (Click)
- Rosary, Komboskini, Chotki. (Click)
- Worry Beads, Begleri Beads, Komboloi, Kompoloi

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Prayer Beads from Phosphoric / Phosphorous Stone
Available in Bracelet.
Beads Diameter : 10 mm
Available in : 99 Beads, 100 Beads, 108 Beads.

Phosphoric / Phosphorous Stone can glow/light in the dark.

If you are interested can contact me at
087878664877 can sms (Text) or telephone. or email to

This is the Phosphoric / Phosphorous Stone that can glow/light in the dark.

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