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Our Customer Testimonials

Comments from our actual customer.  Privacy protected. Your appreciation is what makes our work worthwhile, sincerest thanks to our customers.

Vielen Dank Mr. Daniel - German

The Agarwood that you send me are really good. They are one of the best
Agarwood that I have so far. I might order some more.  Mr. Albert - Singapore

    شكرا  Mr. Abd Latif - UAE

Thank you very much Ms. Alison - Canada 

감사합니다 Mr. Dae Jung - Korean

I received my japamala. Thank you so very much. This one is for a very special. Mr. Lee - CA

Merci  Mrs. Alice - French

Your package have arrived. And your product is amazing, i really like it very much. Thank you. 
 Mr. Felix - German

ありがとうございます  Mr. Cho - JPN

Just wanted to compliment you on your rapid dispatch of my order. I have just received the items and they are all beautiful. I will be sure to recommend you to my friends.
Regards. NH - Singapore

 Thank you, Your service was excellent. I will be happy to recommend you to others. Thank you very much. DL - NZ

Thank's ndra alam, paketnya sudah datang kemaren. JJ - MLG

Tadi nya saya ragu-ragu untuk berbelanja di toko online, tapi lewat ndra alam (Alam Bertuah Online Shop), keraguan saya pun hilang, karena sesuai dengan dijanjikan akhirnya barang yang saya pesan pun datang beserta bonusnya. Nanti saya akan pesan lagi. Trim's. WU - SMG

Thank you so much.I love all your prayer beads designs. I received mine much earlier than expected and i am quite impressed. I can not put it down. I love the design and intend to buy more. Thank you :) AHB - UEA

My daughter and my son sent me one of your incredible Agarwood Prayer Beads for my birthday . It is just stunning and a gift I will treasure forever.
I will keep your site on my favorites for gifts in the future.  HJ - VA

I have been a customer of ndra alam (Alam bertuah On line Shop) for just over 2 years now. I am waiting on my custom prayer beads and bracelet and I already know it too will be perfect.
The materials used are genuine and well made on every prayer beads. So i am not afraid now, to buy online from ndra alam (Alam Bertuah Online Shop).  BL - UK

My Amber bracelet arrived this afternoon, and it is just...beautiful,very  beautiful. Thank you so very much for making this for me. PA  - VA

My Dzi Stone Bracelet arrived yesterday and it was absolutely beautiful, it exceeded my expectations. I am very much looking forward to the second one. GH - FL

I received my order for muslim prayer beads and they are absolutely beautiful. The design is amazing. My mother loves them and I know she will wearing them. Thank you very much. MY, Australia

I wanted you to know that my package just came, I LOVE the Japamala and the bracelets. Thank you.
You will probably be hearing from me in the future. PH - NY

Hello, ndra alam, I have received my rosary yesterday. It is simply gorgeous, and it exceeded my expectations. Thank you for making it. I will be ordering more rosaries from you in the future, and I will be in touch about the details soon. Thanks again. ER - UK

I want to praise you for your work. I fell in love with the Dzi Stone and Moldavite design that you made for me,  and i carries it everywhere. - FA - FRENCH

I just wanted to let you know that my wife absolutely loved her rosary. Thank you so much it is beautiful. - SU - Brunei

I ordered the Rosary Prayer Beads. I was very surprised that the beads looked just as beautiful.
I am very satisfied with the quality of the beads and the bonus that came along with it. I would recommend ndra alam (Alam Bertuah Online Shop) to my friends and relatives. Mr. JM - AUSTRALIA

I've never had prayer beads before, and these are simply beautiful. I use the beads every day, and carry them with me. Moh.Z - KL MALAYSIA

I have received my tasbeeh order today. It's beautiful, shiny with perfect round beads. Thank you so much - CA, Singapore

Dear ndra alam, I have received my order of the Agarwood Japa Mala with the flower knot last week and I most say that I am extremely satisfied with your product, quality, and service.
You're so kind and helpful. I'll promise to order to you again.
 Truly though, thank you so much. Sincerely SF - US

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We will continue update our customer testimonial. 
Thank you for all of our customer.