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Dzi Stone Beads VII

Ancient Tibetan Dzi
For thousands of years, Tibetans have viewed Dzi as a living gemstone. It is meant for devout worship and is reverently kept and passed down over generations. The ancient Dzi absorbs cosmic energy from the universe, hence it can guard against misfortune and brings blessings, stabilizes blood pressure, increases the internal 'qi', gives good fortune and bliss. Till now, Dzi enjoys great popularity around the world, and it is a revered sacred charm for protection, worship, health, as well as a symbol of wealth.
The earliest record of Dzi in China’s history is in the Tang Dynasty. When Princess Wencheng married Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo,

Place of Origin and Legend
Dzi is not only a very rare and precious gemstone, it is also one of the seven treasures in Tibetan Buddhism. The main places of origin are Western Tibet, Eastern Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim, Ladakh and certain regions in the Himalayas. Dzi has been around for 2000 to 2500 years. According to legend, Dzi is actually a “God’s treasure” which has descended to earth and was discovered by the Tibetans. Hence the Tibetans still regard Dzi as the “heavenly stone”.

Stories on the origin of Dzi varies, one account has it that it flowed from a stream in Ngari; another believed that it was the treasure of the Azha Kingdom, Tibet; yet others thought it was one of the gemstones in the treasury of the Tagzig Kingdom. It is also said to be the celestial essence from Manjushri Bodhisattva's previous incarnate (Manjushri Buddha); some believed it was made by Asura; it is even said to be made from meteorites that plummeted down to earth. According to another legend, the compassionate Vajravarahi Buddha let Dzi descended to earth to stop the spreading of epidemic because it possessed the power to guard against evil. What can be verified is, although modern technology can replicate the appearance of Dzi, it is unable to reproduce the strong magnetic energy that Dzi possess. Neither can it replace the religious belief passed down over the generations. Hence, judging from its unique quality and extensive historical value, Dzi is very valuable.

Dzi Bead is the Tibetans' Most Precious Living Gemstone
The Tibetans regard Dzi bead as the most precious living gemstone and it is the treasure offered to the royal family generations after generations. In Tibet, the ancient pure Dzi beads can be used for mortgage purposes in Banks or the City’s Credit Bureau. Therefore, to the Tibetans, Dzi bead is no different from cash. Because of their small size, they are easy to maintain and carried around, the royalty and the rich will exchange their domesticated animals, land and money for them. It is also not uncommon to see expensive goods being exchanged for Dzi beads.

Dzi bead is an essential ornament in a Tibetan lady’s adulthood and marriage ceremony. The quantity and quality of the Dzi beads can reveal the wealth of the family. Besides that, Dzi Bead is also a precious medical ingredient in many Tibetan medical dictionaries.

Dzi bead is the Tibetan’s most precious amulet. It is believed that devout worship of the Dzi Bead can remove hindrance of karma, receive blessings, prevention against stroke, guard against evil, improves vitality and increase wealth.

Strong Magnetic Energy
Dzi Beads possess nature's cosmic magnetic energy. According to a scientific study, Japanese researchers discovered that Dzi Beads contain 14 elements from Mars.

The hardness of Dzi is 7 to 8.5 on the Moh’s hardness index, slightly below the African diamond, which has an index of 10. Crystal’s magnetic wave is 4 volts whereas Tibetan’s Dzi Bead gives off 13 volts, 3 times more than crystal. The magnetic energy emitted by Dzi Bead is very gentle and is suitable to be placed at any human parts. It is perceived to be able to regulate blood circulation and reduce illnesses.

Benefits for the Wearer
Dzi Bead is an eons-old antique, yet it remains fashionable. Its different pattern is an ideal trendy ornament for the young and is also suitable for all ages. But most importantly, besides wearing it for protection purposes, the magnetic energy from the Dzi can regulate the body’s blood and 'qi' circulation, balance the body’s yin yang and five elements, improves the body’s immunity system and henceforth, achieve overall improvement in one's health. The effects are similar to acupuncture. It can improve the health of those suffering from heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes as well as reduce various symptoms like poor blood circulation, blocked nose, sprains, insomnia and aching bones.

Dzi stone can be wear by anyone regardless of gender, age, religion and occupation.


Dzi In Tibetan this word can simply be translated to bring good meanings of "splendour, brightness and shine" [གཟི།] .
In Chinese, the bead is called "heaven's bead" or "heaven's pearl" (天珠).
Dzi is a supernatural gemstone talisman that treasures magical powers. It comes in different shapes and sizes and are dark colored agate bead etched with a certain number of eyes, heavenly patterns and auspicious symbols. The dzi is  is endorsed by all to possess protective, enhancing, curative and healing powers. It often brings fantastic good fortune, prosperity, wealth and good health to the owner as well. 

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Various Dzi Combination Bracelet

21 Eyed Dzi Bracelet With Clear Quartz Beads

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Small Dzi Beads Combination Beads
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The Fact :
International film stars Mel Gibson and Jet Li visited Taiwan. While they were there, both were given Tibetan dZi ("zee") beads reportedly worth millions of NT dollars.Jet Li And Jackie Chan wearing 9 Eyed Dzi Stone.

Bristih Singer "Sting" wearing 9 eyed dzi stone

Michael Schumacher, Steven Seagal, Jet Li, Shengyi Huang, and Yang Tzu wearing Dzi Stone / Beads, in international event.


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